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So, probably not much of a surprise, since I've talked about it for a while now, but I've now officially stepped down as an active mod on Scans_Daily and [ profile] noscans_daily.

Nothing dramatic - I've been a mod since April 2009 and that's a fair chunk of time. Combined with the fact that my comics reading and enthusiasm for the major publishers has itself waned and my fannish focus drifting elsewhere, it seemed the right time.

There's new mods coming on board in my stead, so I don't feel particularly bad about moving on as I know the communities are in safe hands. However, I'm particularly bad about walking away guilt-free, so I wanted to stay on hand for emergencies and to do the community backups and those little jobs that don't require 24/7 involvement. So, I'm still around the community anyway. It'll be nice to be able to just comment again, however, without the implied modhat looming over anything I say. Not that I think it did, anyway, since I've always attempted to be near-invisible with my modly stuff. Scans_Daily has always (and rightly, in my opinion) been led by the members, not mod personalities.

I joined the mod team just after we were TOSed off Livejournal. We've all passed a lot of water since then and there's been DMCAs and legal threats, a move to Dreamwidth, numerous... crisis and troll attacks and even a hacking. It's been eventful. But I still have so much love for the communities and their members. I certainly won't be leaving, although it'll be nice to feel I don't have to log in multiple times a day. And hopefully when I've had time to savor the peace, I'll be back there posting regularly.

Now I must away... I have another two hours of training to look forward to. Happy happy, joy joy!

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