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It's one of those weeks, where the Twitter feed updates are likely to take over, just because I don't usually find the time to make extended posts. (IE. It's deadline.) I'm actually starting to wonder about the Twitter feed, though. Is it annoying? Do people read my updates directly on Twitter anyway? Do people miss the random links dump that the Twitter's pretty much replaced? How about a poll?

[Poll #1493431]

As usual, I write this blog mostly for myself, but I do like to hear feedback on content and it's a few months since I last asked.

I know I'm behind on certain things that last poll brought up - I haven't done any comic reviews in an age (mostly because I'm really behind with me reading - there doesn't seem much point reviewing a book that came out a month before, since it'll have already been discussed to death on Scans_Daily and elsewhere) and I'm a couple of days behind on my sales figures thing - I'll try to get to that later.

I think I've been hitting the book reviews quota, though, although now, with Harry Potter out the way, I'm almost out of new material to read - can anyone make any recommendations?

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