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LFCC was enjoyable, for the most part because of all the lovely people I got to meet. It was busier than I expected it to be, so fighting the crowds was a bit of a trial, especially when in costume (which was horrifically hot). But it was great to be there and meet a few people I've never had the opportunity to before now.

Highlights of the day for me were:

Getting recognised in costume as Chamber. Not just by a few enthusiastic photographers, but by SIMON SPURRIER AND MIKE CAREY! They both waved me down to talk and share mutual love of the character. Mike Carey was as delightful as ever and especially nice about my cosplay and I got to express gratitude for his returning the character back to his original look. He was sad he hadn't been used since apart from occasional cameos, so I was happy to let him know that Simon's using him in X-men Legacy, so he was going to check that out. Also his love of Bendis' All New X-men makes me want to pick up the book even more.

Simon Spurrier was equally charming (and so handsome. Gosh.) and enthusiastic about seeing a Chamber fan. And hinted that I'll be even more happy with future issues. Eeee! While I was chatting to him, I heard a familiar voice next to me, turned around, and who should it be but my old friend Don Murphy, film producer, over from the States filming Vampire Academy. We've known one another for years, ever since Don managed to get the rights for Transformers, but never met in the flesh before. Big hugs all round and an unexpected joy. And there was enormous pleasure to be had in watching Simon get bludgeoned by Don's enthusiasm.

Being chased down the aisle by a photographer who was desperate to get a shot of me in costume when I didn't hear him at first. That was flattering!

Getting to chat at length with Geoff Senior, Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman and Stephen Baskerville. Those names may not be important to anyone who wasn't a UK comic book reader of a certain generation, but they're the reason I love comics and, in part, how I became a graphic designer. All creators on the wonderful UK Transformers comic (and now the continuation of G1 continuity in Regeneration One). Simon and Geoff created Death's Head, probably my all-time favourite character, who acted as a stepping stone to "proper" Marvel comics. Without them I wouldn't even be a comics fan.

They were all so friendly and generous with their time. I've met Simon before and interacted with Andrew online, but it was absolutely fantastic to meet Geoff Senior, who was probably a bit bemused by my hero-worship, as he doesn't do many cons. But he was a joy to talk to, as was everyone.

Can't wait to see Simon and Geoff's... secret project. Geoff was really enthusiastic about it and said he was having more fun on it than he's had on any professional job. Sounds amazing.

And getting sketches of Grimlock from Andy and Death's Head from Geoff. MY VERY OWN GEOFF SENIOR DEATH'S HEAD. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Meeting up with Tumblr friends lilprince and iandsharman. Photographic evidence of which is above. Thanks to Ian for the pic.

Dave McKean's interesting and sometimes hilarious panel.

I didn't get any photographs or autographs of celebrities, unfortunately, although Eve Myles walked right past me, surrounded by security and caught sight of many others. I was able to catch the Doctor Who panel that included Dave Starkey (Strax), Louise Jameson (Leela), Frazer Hines (Jamie) and the absolute legend that is David Warner. And, for one hilariously cocked-up moment Dan Yeager from Texas Chainsaw Massacre ("I don't know, I've never watched Doctor Who." "... Why are you here?!") Frazer and Dave were charming and hilarious, Louise charming and enthusiastic and David statesmanlike and half-deaf. It was hugely entertaining.

I was actually really happy with the cosplay in the end, but boy, glad I didn't wear the wig. I was as hot as I've ever been as it was. Did you know that fake leather material absorbs water like a sponge? No? Me neither, until I took the face-piece off after an hour or so and literally had to wring it out. It was horrendous. And still soaking wet now, 24 hours later. And the boots were crippling. Not the most comfortable of cosplays to wear in the height of summer.

Some amazing cosplayers there, and so many. I'll try and gather photos, because I was so terrible taking any myself. Hard to play cosplayer and photographer at the same time. Favourite costumes of the day? Hard to pick, but it's hard to resist awesome kid costumers. There was a Kid Speed there who was delightful and the Slytherin family pictured above.

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Oops, forgot to post my pics here.

After much tinkering and rebuilding, I've finally got my Chamber costume complete. It was rather tricksy for a fairly straightforward costume. Leatherette proved harder to work with than I thought. And breathing is optional while wearing this costume. It's definitely one for cooler months.

The costume's based on the Generation X version of the costume. (I may wear the longer leather coat seen in the WIP pics for a later X-men era variant.) So, biker jacket, cowboy boots, black jeans for the basic look, then the additions of the face piece, chest piece and X-men belt buckle. I'm wearing white mesh lenses for the pics, but since they're uncomfortable to wear over my normal lenses, I'll probably forgo that detail when I wear it anywhere public. Being able to see takes priority. The scarring's just done with makeup, but I may go with rigid collodion for the proper scarred look.

Chamber Cosplay pic 1

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It occurs to me that I've posted pics of my Chamber costume everywhere but here. So time to change that!

Things I’ve learned in the process:

  • It’s really hard to get photos taken with a timer in focus.
  • I can’t see a thing when wearing white contact lenses.
  • Black really doesn’t photograph well, which is a problem when it’s all you’re wearing.

  • Here goes:

    Chamber Cosplay 3

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