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Well, I don't feel any need to change my name, particularly, as I like it just fine, but I've also got a thing that barely anyone actually calls me by my actual name.

In terms of - my name's Matthew. Pretty much the only people in the entire world that have ever actually called me Matthew are my family, friends of the family and one of my old bosses. Why did he call me Matthew? Because when he asked the question "do you prefer Matt or Matthew?" when I said Matthew he did listen.

But it's surprising how few people do. When I started my current job 8 years ago I was asked. Within an hour everyone was calling me Matt, regardless. There's no malice in it, it's just people seem to default to the short version. It happens all the time to the point where I just accept it and go by Matt. With friends it's an either/or situation anyway. I have a slight leaning towards the use of my name in full, but I came to accept a long time ago that most people have an instinctive leaning towards shortening my name.
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Yeah, I believe there's life out there. Do I believe it'll be recognizable as life as we know it? Most likely, no. The thing about alien things is they're exactly that - alien. And beyond the realms of human imagination and experience. The idea that there's two armed, two legged, one headed, two eyed intelligent life out there on other planets? Seems unlikely to me. If we ever make contact, we better be prepared. At the moment, I don't think we are. We're too firmly stuck in the mindset that an alien is going to be just like us, with a funny colored skin or pasty on their forehead.

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Wile E. Coyote.

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Eeyore. If only because his voice actor is a thoroughly bloody nice bloke. And Optimus Prime.

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