Feb. 15th, 2011

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You've probably noticed from my Twitter/Tumblr feed I've had a bit of an obsession with cosplay lately and have been doing a regular feature over on my Tumblr. Well, if you were interested, but haven't been keeping track, I'm going to try and get into the habit of doing a roundup of each week's Cosplay features and have been doing a bit of catch up with those. So, here's a list of all the featured cosplay so far:

Cosplay Monday - Week 6

Wonder WomanRed SkullTank GirlRobinEmma FrostSupermanSister Grimm / Nico MinoruHuntress and Robin (Steph Brown)Black PantherAliceVenomPower GirlHerculesBatgirl (Barbara Gordon)CyclopsSupergirlX-23Guy Gardner and Friends

Cosplay Thursday - Week 5

Two-FaceRescue / Pepper PottsSuperman and SupergirlCatwomanSpeedy(s) (Roy Harper and Mia DeardenHarley Quinn

Cosplay Monday - Week 5 

HuntressPixieBlack LightningDeath of The EndlessHawkmanMarvel Girl / Rachel SummersPoison Ivy and BatmanMr. Fantastic / Reed RichardsHawkeyes - Clint Barton and Kate BishopSilk Spectre 2Namor and AquamanBatgirl (Cassandra Cain)Kingpin and DaredevilRogueSquirrel Girl

Cosplay Monday Week 4

PolarisIsaiah Bradley Captain AmericaStargirlWatchmenHarley Quinn and Poison IvyGreen GoblinLois Lane - SuperwomanBlack Widow and Nick FuryBatgirl (Cassandra Cain)Wiccan and HulklingCatwomanRogueFlash and Kid FlashNamoraSpoiler and Robin

Cosplay Monday Week 3

Robin (Steph Brown)Teen TitansSurgeHarley Quinn and The JokerStormThe RiddlerFirestarBatmanRamona FlowersGwen Stacy and Ben ReillyBlack CanaryPatsy Walker: HellcatProfessor X and Emma FrostDoctor Strange

Cosplay Monday Week 2 

Black WidowSiryn and DeadpoolSpeedy (Mia Dearden)BeastVixenLex LuthorShadowcatBlue BeetlePoison IvyThorBatgirl (Cassandra Cain)War MachineBlack CanaryStan Lee

Cosplay Monday Week 1

Squirrel GirlScarecrowSoranik NatuPhoenixThe RiddlerMockingbirdChamberChamber 2DazzlerJamie Madrox and Layla MillerKarolina Dean and XavinRed Hood, Nightwing and BatwomanStormThe Joker and BatmanWonder GirlHeroes for HirePower GirlX-23WolverineBatgirl and Spoiler

Pre Cosplay Monday Posts:

Batgirl and RobinSteph Brown RobinPower Man and Iron FistSteph Brown Robin 2Birds of PreyDonna TroyX-men Evolution RogueMia Dearden SpeedySupergirlRed Hood / Jason Todd, Spoiler, Male DazzlerBatgirl / Stephanie Brown, Gertrude Yorkes and Karolina DeanGertrude Yorkes and Karolina Dean 2Female Booster GoldFemale Booster Gold 2X-23 and PixieHarley Quinn and The JokerMiss MartianMedusa and Black BoltScarecrowCatwomanBatgirl and NightwingSupergirl, Poison Ivy and Harley QuinnThe QuestionIceThe RiddlerBooster Gold, Blue Beetle and Max LordMystiqueMagik / Illyana RasputinDark PhoenixBeast, Cyclops and Nick Fury, Sexy CyclopsCassandra Cain BatgirlCassandra Cain Batgirl 2VolstaggHipster Spider-manEmma FrostBig BardaRoxy RichterKim PineAstrid HoffersonAstrid Hofferson 2Huntress and The QuestionUltimate Shadowcat , Cassandra Cain Batgirl 3Cassandra Cain Batgirl 4PixieSuperman and HerculesPenance / Hollow

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