Mar. 22nd, 2008

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So, apparently there's some kind of boycot today for Livejournal because... well, I'm not sure. From what I can gather it's because A) Livejournal introduced advertising on the FREE accounts B) They didn't give advance warning of this and C) their new policy is to insist on the deletion of image of minors engaged in sexual activity, even if they're not illegal (ie: drawn images, not photographs).

Now, I'm not boycotting because A) I pay for my livejournal and I get no ads. What I do get for a measley twenty bucks a year is a cool online journal. Now, people acting like there's a right to a free journal, completely advertising free? There's not. You get what you pay for. Posting stuff on the site doesn't mean Livejournal owes you. B) Um... why should they and C) dear god, if people consider pictures of kids in sexual situations acceptable, drawn, painted, photographed or in crayon, and genuinely believe it's something they should PROTEST about Livejournal saying they're not gonna tolerate then I despair, I really do.

So I'm posting to do the opposite. There's no right to get anything for free. And basic accounts are STILL free. They just have advertising. Well, big woop, if you don't think LJ's worth 20 bucks a year or advertising offends you that much, big woop. As for the other policy change I'm all for it and so you can consider this post my wholehearted support. If people wanna post pics of Harry banging Ron, I'm sure other sites will be more welcoming and don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

I was gonna go down to my sister's tomorrow to stay for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but my cold's come back to kick my ass again and rather than go and have a miserable time tomorrow cos I feel crap and spread it around I'll probably leave Sunday and return Monday.

Finally making some headway with the animation stuff I've been playing with. Not happy with it but it'll have to do, for now.

I have a big Thorntons chocolate egg sat here my boss bought me, but I'm loath to open it because I will eat it all. but looks soooo good.

You've been great. My name's Coco the scab.

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I think the most powerful scenes in Brassed Off, which still ranks amongst one of my favourite movies. I've talked about it on my LJ before, but these scenes are why I rave about it. Stephen Tompkinson and Pete Postlethwaite at their very very best.

Stephen Tompkinson plays Phil, one of the miners who plays in the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, under the stern eye of his music obsessed father Danny.

Badly in debt after being imprisoned for striking in the 1980s, he becomes a clown for children's parties, but fails to prevent his wife and children walking out on him. After his father is hospitalised from black lung, Phil appears to be on the edge of breakdown.

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So, Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel's been adapted for TV by the same team that did the lacklustre Hogfather and is on TV on Sunday and Monday. Now, I'm in two minds about this. Certainly if you're going to adapt Discworld, starting at the beginning is no bad thing, but the Hogfather adaptation completely failed to set the world alight. Some characters just seemed so WRONG and it's not the easiest story to tell, especially when the direction is as flat as it was. However, it did have a strong cast.

The Colour of Magic looks to be more of the same, with casting running from the sublime to the ridiculous. On the good side there's Tim Curry as the villainous Trymon, Jeremy Irons as the Patrician, James Cosmo as Galder Weatherwax and Christopher Lee as Death.

But then, why, when you have who could be the perfect Rincewind actually IN the cast (Nigel Planer) would you cast David Jason in the role instead? And which bright spark though that Japanese tourist cypher Twoflower would be best played by Sean Astin, he of the Goonies and Frodo buttsex fame?

It's very odd.

I'll probably try and watch, or at least get a copy, but I can't help but feel they keep missing the point, rather.

Oh, and that's the worst orangutan costume I've ever seen in my life. You could paint a feather duster orange and it would be more convincing. Why go to all the trouble of the costumes and sets and then let something like that through. It's even worse than Death looking like he was designed as a Muppet.

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