Nov. 19th, 2008

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Bit slow updating this week. The weekend was good. Looking after my nephews on Friday wasn't too stressful, although they ran me ragged. We ended up going out to a local adventure park and there was plenty to keep them amuse but, of course, one was running off in one direction, the other in the other and it was hard to keep track of the little buggers. Thankfully, as it was a school day for most children, it was relatively quiet.

Unfortunately my younger nephew has had a horrible cold/cough for weeks and on Thursday night, when I got down there, he was coughing half the night. I ended up taking him to the doctor's Friday morning. Which was an experience. But got some antibiotics for him, at least. Of course, he managed to pass it on to me and my sister so come Sunday we both felt like death warmed up. I can't say I feel a whole lot better even now.

Work's quiet, unnervingly so, but I have no doubt the shit will hit the fan next week, as it always does on deadline. It's rolled around so quickly again. And with Christmas breaking into deadline and two in January, work's likely to be non stop for the next three months or so. Thankfully there's the Christmas break to look forward to. If I get much of one. Fingers crossed.

Gonna hit the Red Bull and vitamin C to keep myself afloat til lunch time.

Oh, and for those interested in the upcoming Watchmen movie:
The best summary of Watchmen that I've read anywhere. )

Yeah, I'm not exactly Alan Moore's biggest fan.

In addition, am I the only person in the world to think Kevin Smith disappeared up his own fat asshole a few years ago? I haven't had any time for him since he tried to tear Jonathan Ross a new one for simply pointing out most of his fanbase are internet literate and it's the net which kept his career rolling. Since then, the guy's complete inability to grow as a director means he's gone from charming to annoyance for me. One trick pony, thy name is Smith. I'm particularly irritated, at the moment, by the local promotion of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which sees the MAKE A PORNO capitalized as if it were something daring. Oh my god, they said porno. You're so daring, tee hee.

And then there's the new Star Trek trailer. Which would be lovely and all that, were it not for the fact that the character of Uhura, who was mold breaking in all sorts of ways in the 60s, is used in the trailer purely as a wank fantasy. Look as she undresses, unaware that she's being watched. Cheer as Kirk pins her half naked body beneath him. Uhura's a character who should be a role model and at least as important as the other characters in the movie. From how the trailer is cut, she's being blatently objectified in a step back to 60s attitudes. That crap might work for a movie like The Transporter, but in the 60s Star Trek was always forward looking in its attitudes. It saddens me that the movie's basically being promoted as Nation Lampoon's Animal House in Space with Some Cool Space Battles and Hey, Tits. That's not progressive or forward looking. That's backwards.

And continuing my ranting, John Sergeant's quit Strictly Come Dancing (the UK's Dancing with the Stars). After the political correspondent's two left feet saw him getting abuse heaped on him by the judges, who repeatedly described his getting through each week at the expense of better dancers as farcical. Much like with X-Factor, the attitude annoys me. This is an ENTERTAINMENT programme and John has never been anything less than hugely entertaining. To him to feel he has to quit because of pressure from the judges (with Arlene Phillips being particularly unpleasant, calling him a "dancing pig") is saddening. I'm one of those people who find him naturally charismatic and immensely likable and he's been a highlight of the show. Good dancer? No, but he made an effort to try and his serene smile and obvious signs of enjoyment at what he was doing have been infectious. The public warmed to him and kept him in and it's an annoyance that when the rules go against them supposedly fair judges get so bitter and unpleasant. He was put onto the show expected to be an early departure, but the joke at his expense backfired onto the show's producers and Len Goodman and co. clearly don't care for that. The attitude of "we will accept the public vote just as long as it agrees with us" makes as much of a mockery of the show as a technically weak dancer winning it.

They sound as moody as me.

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Looks like that's to be the official name of the upcoming young X-men movie.

The bad news is that it's been put in the hands of the guy who does Gossip Girls and The OC.

No news if they're gonna use the younger characters from the movie, some of them, a completely new set or, as the title suggests, the original recruits. (Well, not the ORIGINAL class, given the way the ages were played around with in the movieverse, but there's always a possibility of the story of young Scott, Jean, Hank and Ororo in a movie style I guess.)

Given the angle the movies seem to be headed in - Wolverine Origins, Magneto Origins or whatever the heck it's called, Captain America - First Avenger - they seem keen on this whole prequel deal.

Anyone heard anything about the upcoming Runaways movie, by the way? Following its announcement, I haven't heard much. Did someone mention that some studio exec was thinking of it as "the new Goonies" or did I just make that up?

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