Nov. 6th, 2008

angelophile: (Citizen Kane - Hand clap)
Finally off deadline (I rolled home about midnight tonight).

November 5th and barely a firework in sight. Not that I would have seen any anyway, but I expected to hear some. Disappointing.

Amused ourselves by playing Mark and Lard songs as we worked.

And apparently a bunch of people on my friends list are pleased with the new president of the USA.

It's not really any of my business, so I've not really commented. Although they do seem to have gone out of their way to make it a global election judging by the news coverage. (BBC Radio 1 had fun stopping people in the street and asking who they were going to vote for. When one British teen was asked whether he thought he was entitled to vote in the US Presidential Elections his response was: "Of course, I'm 19!") Given the fact that the coverage seemed to be inviting the world and their mother to pass comment I don't feel too bad doing so.

Of course, I'm of the opinion that the US hasn't had a good president since Teddy and it's unlikely to start now. Most people on my friends list seem pleased. Of course, most people on my friends list apparently loathe Bush. The circles I move in online all seem to. Which beggars the question, how did he become President? Twice? But that's a whole other issue.

There seems to be genuine enthusiasm at the moment. Of course, I'm a cynical bastard and I can't help but recall the same enthusiasm for the new Golden Age of British politics when young, fresh faced Blair was elected. Now people consider that not so much a golden age as a golden shower. Obama's come into power at a point of global economic meltdown which is only going to get worse before it gets better. I doubt his grace period is going to last even as long as Blair's did and that was short enough. And he was taking on a growing, strong economy. It'll be interesting to see just how soon it is before the people now cheering from the rooftops start to get more cynical.

But then, it's always worth remembering that I'm a nasty, world weary git.

And if nothing else, he's the first Black President since Morgan Freeman.

Although we all know how that ended up.

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