Oct. 16th, 2008

angelophile: (X-men Devolution)
In a foul temper, my second deadline of the month (a third follows later) and just browsing through [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily.

Which reminds me, I'm well behind on my comics reading. Two issues of new Runaways in and I haven't read either. I haven't been to the store it pick up my pull list in a couple of weeks either, so it's mostly as a memory aid I'm doing this. I need to have a good cull. So...

Currently on my pull list:

Uncanny X-men - So incredibly dropped. I have an issue or possibly two waiting in my stack to be picked up, but I'll be handing them right beck. Just four scans from the current issue are more than enough to convince me that Matt Fraction's input is disasterous. From the S&M sex to the racist comments, I have to congratulate him - he's made the book unreadable. Usually I last to the end of a storyline, but not this time. They've done the impossible and created a storyline I hate even more than Chuck Austen's Draco.

Astonishing X-men - Keep. I've not really got into the storyline and dislike the art, slightly, byut those are just things to hang dialogue on which makes me laugh out loud and positively sparkles without making the characters seem like idiots to do so (see any Whedon punchline).

X-men: Legacy - I'm in two minds. The next couple of issues will decide it. I've not cared for the solo Professor X storylines one little bit. I just don't care about the character and Carey, who is possibly my favourite X-men writer of the past few years, hasn't really hit his stride. It's good, but not a book that interests me much, although chances are afoot and supposedly it's going to more of a team book, so i may be around until then.

X-men: Manifest Destiny - not picked up the first issue yet as I'd paid for my order last time I was in the store before I realized they'd forgotten to put it in. It's Carey writing Iceman, though, and I like his Bobby a lot, so I'll stick around for theduration of the mini, most likely.

X-Force - Dropping this. I like X-23 and Wolfsbane and was hoping for better, but this deliberate attempt at reviving the worst excesses of the 90s has left me cold. i figured I'd give it a try for one storyline cos Kyle and Yost's New X-men got great and the X-23 minis were solid reads, but no, sorry, not good.

X-Factor - Very close to dropping this, which is a surprise, but the books been pulled from crossover to crossover, lost a number of its main cast i liked, has taken on others i couldn't care less about and has basically started treading water with storylines that don't grab me at all. Borderline. Maybe one or two issues without another change in situation or cast may draw me back in. But I hate the art.

Young X-men - Borderline. The first storyline was dreadful and I disliked the art, but then the last issue I read did a lot to turn my opinion around. It's earned another chance with that issue. We'll see.

Gen 13 - Dropped. It's only on my pull list out of habit and I've not really been into it since Simone left. it's decent enough, just a book I can quite happily do without. I'm neither annoyed by it or impressed by it.

Captain Britain and MI:13 - I think my opinions on this book are clear. It's a breath of fresh air and while I'm saddened by a recent plot twist, I also trust Cornell to tell interesting and heart-rending stories and so far he's done exactly that. Very much a favourite.

Daredevil - Again, I'm in half a mind. I'm actually enjoying this book just fine, but i could just as easily do without it. however, i've liked all of Brubaker's plots so far and I keep getting pulled back in so I think it's safe.

The Incredible Hercules - I'm torn between whather Captain Britain or this is the best book Marvel's producing at the moment. It's just possible Herc has the edge, but I'm not sure. Needless to say, I adore it and it never fails to fill me with squee, so there'll be no dropping here, unless suddenly Bendis or someone comes on board.

Patsy Walker: Hellcat - Love the art. It's only 5 issues. Safe.

NYX - Not read issue 2 yet, but it's only a mini. Again, safe.

Runaways - I doubt there's much chance of me dropping this with Moore and Ramos on board. However, still a remote possibility. Will see after I've read the first two issues of Moore's run.

Transformers: All Hail Megatron - Probably the best TF series since G2. Sorry Furman, but this is just great and after seeing the titles treading water under Furman's pen with serious pacing issues, I have to conclude he's done a Claremont and contribute much, but has now run out of steam. Fresh blood has made all the difference - there's solid pacing, nice art and some fun character moments, hitting the nostalgia button just nicely.

New Warriors - Keep. it's only a matter of time now until the book is pulled, judging by the sales, and although it's been hit and miss, I'll take this opportunity to see Jono and Jubilee united, even if the book's failed to give any other character but Sofia any thing in the way of familiar personality.

Think that pretty much covers it.

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