Aug. 15th, 2008

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Okay, so apparently I'm not the ONLY person who waits for the hype to die down on something before watching, so as to be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed that stuff isn't BETTER THAN GOD like some people state.

This is the reason I've not seen Iron Man or Dark Knight yet.

Honestly, I never liked Batman Begins much. And the cult of TDK is everywhere. There's a religious fanaticism about it where critics who proclaim it simply to be a great movie instead of TEH BESTEST MOVIE EVERER are getting abusive email bombs.

With that much hype no movie's ever gonna live up to it. It's probably a great movie. But I'm gonna wait.

Don't bother with the "zomg it totally lives up to the hype!!" responses, because no movie ever could unless it were directed by God and staring the Holy Trinity.

But anyway, it's one of a few movies I have on my "will see eventually" list. Little Miss Sunshine was one. And when I finally got to see it, I'd forgotten the hype and it exceeded my expectations.

That makes sense to me. It's good to hear other people say similar things. I've been hauled over the coals like a a pariah for not wanting to see TDK yet. It's all very odd.

I've been absent a lot this week as I've been working hard on this year's Spammies Awards for Lots of us have been tinkering with animations, video, spoof footage and more for many months and with me going away at the beginning of September I'm fighting to get this sucker closed down before then. That's a lot of work video editing, creating, a whole bunch of animating. It's been a learning curve for me and I'm hoping the end result will be something that's quite funny even if you don't know the in-jokes of the Don Murphy boards. So far it's looking to weigh in at 30 minutes plus, which gives some idea of the work involved.

It's a lot of work for something which is basically just a stupid spoof forum awards but it'd be good to create something that a large group of people can enjoy.

Onwards and upwards.

And my website's working again. Woot!

Some of it anyway.

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