Aug. 6th, 2008

angelophile: (Doctor Who Meh)

Finally got round to watching Jumper, which I've had on DVD for ages, which raises some points.

Why is it named after comfy knitwear favoured by Noel Edmonds?

Sam Jackson really does just agree to anything if he's asked.

Hayden Christensen really does have all the emotional range of a block of teak. The Star Wars movies weren't a fluke.

Rachel Bilson is frighteningly thin and makes Hayden Christensen look like a really really good actor.

Her entire character in the movie was dull and pointless.

It'd have been good if they'd spent more than 15 seconds explaining the villain's motivations and had it done by someone with an intelligible accent.

Jamie Bell needs to be in more movies. Even when you couldn't understand a word he was saying he rocked. What the hell was that accent anyway?

Being a teleporter will make you an immoral asshole.

Seriously, what was the point of showing people drowning in floods with no hope of rescue on the TV and then having the central character, who could have done something about it, walk out and go shag someone in London instead? Were we actually supposed to feel sympathy for him after that, on top of all the other immoral acts he committed? Did he learn and grow? Didn't seem like it.

Nice special effects, though, and some decent use of the various locations.

Maybe they should have gone with Eminem in the lead role after all.

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