Apr. 18th, 2008

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James Marsters Live provides a little info about the future of the character he played in Torchwood's second series. Look in the Rift con bio.

And I'd have gone to the Torchwood con, but at £80 a ticket, balls to that. Even if there is the prospect to meet James Marsters, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Jim From Neighbours. (Some people claim he's called Alan Dale, but all Brits know the truth.)

Sorry, James Marsters is officially English now, America, and you're not getting him back.

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Hmmm, some kinda interesting stuff coming out of the New York Comic Con.

Terry Moore's run on Runaways not starting til September. Presumably Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan will get their final issue out sometime before then, but at this rate I'm not entirely convinced.

New NYX, as rumored, with writer Marjorie Liu and artist Kalman Andrasofszky. Can't say I'm familiar with either of them. The writer appears to be a sci-fi/romance novelist.

Seems that Paco Medina's the artist for the new Deadpool series. Unfortunately Daniel "Paint Drying" Way is still the writer.

Not much else interests me, I'll admit. At least, nothing new. The Quicksilver mini should be worth picking up, I guess. Most other stuff so far is old news. A lot of Secret Invasion stuff but I already decided I'm skipping that unless it's something that comes up in one of my regular issues or is a tie in I might enjoy.

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