Mar. 4th, 2008

Ow ow.

Mar. 4th, 2008 11:08 am
angelophile: (Withnail BOOZE!)

Dear god my head is booming today. I feel like someone's drilled into my skull and installed a boom box. Not pleasant. Heady hurty. It's a toss up what happens first - the painkillers kick in or I murder someone.

Not much reaction to my attempts to be musical, was there? Miserable sods.

Last/this week's Torchwood - (I lose track. It's this week on BBC2, but last week on BBC3 Digital.) Man, that wasn't what I expected at all. But brilliantly written and performed throughout. After the unlikable angst of the first series, it's really coming into its own and this strongly character-centric episode just blew me away. I never thought this show could so completely turn around my opinion of it. Impressive. And the writing of Joseph Lidster's first TV episode (after producing a few audio Doctor Who adventures) was a revelation. More of him please.

Had my crown fitted. It's been three weeks that I've had the temporary one in and they usually work on two and my dentist said it'll feel a little strange at first. Now there's an understatement. It feels completely wrong and I'm constantly aware of banging the shaped tooth up against my others, after the flat temporary crown. Feels horrible. Looks good, though, after that tooth was more amalgam than tooth, to have a white ceramic crown in place looks a lot better. Mind you, I doubt anyone but me pays much attention to my molars.

At least, I hope not.

Also ended up watching About A Boy again while I was staying at my parent's place. I'm a bit indifferent to Hugh Grant, but I will say that the casting of him as Will in this adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel was inspired. I adore the book and there's some major changes to the structure of the movie, but it successfully captures the feel of Hornby's writing in the way the the US transposed High Fidelity didn't manage. Grant's delightful as the ultimate slacker, who's never had to work a day in his life thanks to the royalties from his father's hit christmas song and who discovers the world of single mothers ("Passionate sex. A lot of ego massage. And a guilt-free parting.") and he ends up joining a single parents support group, inventing a two-year-old son for himself just so he can pick up women.

Which brings him into the orbit of 12 year old Marcus, a social outcast at his school thanks to his own misfit nature and his New Age mother, who suffers from severe depression. The story of how the two characters - one a boy growing up and the other a boy who never has grown up - start to interweave with lifechanging consequences for both of them would be schmaltzy if given the standard Hollywood adaptation (or the Four Weddings treatment) and it's surprising it isn't, given the directors handled the American Pie movies, which a poles apart. Thankfully there's lashings of cynical humor and strongly played out character moments and, like the book, I find the movie connects with me on a number of levels. I've seen the film a few times and still thoroughly enjoy it every time.

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